Boracay Travel Tips

Boracay Island Horseback Riding

Boracay Island Philippines Horseback Riding Horseback riding is the activity of riding a horse, especially for enjoyment or as a form of exercise.

Boracay Island Beach Volleyball and Other Beach Sports

Boracay Island Philippines Beach Volleyball and Other Beach Sports Boracay is a haven not just for aqua sports enthusiasts but for inland sports buffs as well. Among the sports, which Boracay has become famous for internationally, are beach volleyball and Read More

Boracay Island Mountain Biking

Boracay Island Philippines Mountain Biking Mountain Biking sport has also gain popularity in the Boracay island. Guided mountain biking trips which cover Boracay’s environs or nearby islands are available to the neophyte as well as the seasoned biker. Mountain bikes Read More

Boracay Island Sailing

Boracay Island Philippines Sailing A trip to Boracay is made more exhilarating and relaxing by drifting around the island aboard a banca (outrigger) kayaking, paddle boating, yachting or speed boating. The proper equipment are available for rent at a number Read More

Boracay Island Diving

Boracay Island Philippines Diving The underwater world of Boracay is particularly interesting because of its rich marine life which is highly visible against the pure, white sand. Coral reefs still continue to thrive around the island. Diving and snorkeling gear Read More

Boracay Island Wind Surfing

Boracay Island Philippines Wind Surfing Boracay has recently become famous as one of the country’s prime windsurfing venues. It is now considered one of Asia’s Best Boardsailing Destinations.

Money in Boracay Island

Money in Boracay Island Philippines Take a mixture of American dollars in traveler’s cheques and cash. Change some money at Manila International Airport where the rate is better than on Boracay. Credit cards are accepted in some locations on Boracay. Read More

What to bring in Boracay Island?

What to bring in Boracay Island Philippines? You need very few clothes. Beach clothes/towels can be bought on Boracay Island. Sweet pants and tops are useful if you go at Christmas, when it can get cool at night.

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